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Luísa Neto

INA Portugal President
Jean-Michel Eymeri-Douzans

EGPA President
Ricardo Ramos Pinto

­_ISCSP President

Caros colegas e participantes,

Dear colleagues and participants,

Chères et chers collègues et participants,

Welcome to the EGPA 2022 Annual Conference in Lisbon!

Nous vous souhaitons la bienvenue à ce congrès 2022 du GEAP à Lisbonne ! 

The European Group for Public Administration/IIAS team and our wonderful partners of the local organizing committee at the National Institute of Administration (INA) of Portugal and at the ISCSP of the University of Lisbon, we are so happy to welcome you all, mainly in physical presence again, and also in hybrid form, in the noble and radiant capital city of Portugal.

Since our so successful 2019 Conference in Belfast, we all know that the world was hit by the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, with its victims (of whom we think with emotion and respect) and major socio-economic disorders and damages. To these extraordinary circumstances, the EGPA adapted as much as possible, with many of its Permanent Study Groups’ co-chairs organizing successful online events, while our Steering Committee decided to cancel the 2020 edition of our main annual event, and to postpone our Dialogues, TAD with the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), TED with NISPAcee (the Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe), and EUROMENA with Menapar. Later on, we decided to restart the engine, earlier than other learned societies, in September 2021, with a hybrid EGPA Conference, jointly organized in Brussels by the Secretariat and our good friends at ULB: with 400 registered participants, partly online and partly in presence, this 2022 Conference, whose topic was “Resilience and agility of public institutions in times of crises”, was a first step into the “word after”, a great intellectual success, and a strong indicator of the vitality of our EGPA family.

In the latest months, while preparing with our Portuguese gentle hosts the big Lisbon Conference, we have also held with great success the postponed TED in Norway, at the University of Bergen, in February 2022, with our NISPAcee colleagues, on the very first days of the Russian aggression against Ukraine – a war that our two sister organizations firmly condemned in a Joint Statement. Then, it was, in June 2022, the remarkable 16th edition of the TAD between EGPA and ASPA, hosted at Roskilde University (Denmark), where we explored with our US friends the “Strategic Management of Public Sector Transformation in Turbulent Times: Enhancing Collaborative Governance and Co-creation of Public Value”, and we reasserted the utmost importance of a common understanding of liberal democracy and the rule of law on the two banks of the Atlantic. Later, we have had in Rome, thanks to the commitment of our Italian colleagues, an impressive IIAS-EUROMENA Conference which addressed the major issues of "Next Generation Governance and young global public administration: mobilizing people, skills, energies for a sustainable new normal".

On this successful course, the 2022 EGPA Annual Conference in Lisbon is now approaching. With more than 550 abstracts submitted (at the time when these lines are written), I can already testify that the fellow members of our EGPA family, including the young generation of talents amongst PhD students, have responded to the call with great enthusiasm! Our forthcoming conference in Lisbon already promises to be a great moment of fraternal togetherness and fruitful scientific exchanges. With three promising plenary sessions which will explore the main topic of the Conference, “Public Administration for the Sustainable Future of our Societies”, our PSG panels, the Francophone Seminar and the PhD Symposium will constitute, as each year, the robust backbone of our EGPA family rally. Let us be sure that our participants will have so much to discuss and to elaborate together, exploring the future paths of our “new normal” era, where all sorts of crises (including the war back on our continent) are arising in a sort of enduring “poly-crisis” which challenges, tragically but ordinarily, the institutional capacities of our governments and public administrations, at all territorial, national and supranational layers, to handle the bursts of “wicked” policy problems of our times.

Let us have a great EGPA Conference in Lisbon!

Excellent congrès du GEAP à vous toutes et tous ! 

Excelente Congresso da EGPA para todos vós! 


Jean-Michel Eymeri-Douzans

EGPA President/Président du GEAP



Welcome Message

Public Administration for the Sustainable Future of our Societies

Dear Friends,

I’m proud to confirm that our Local Organizing Committee is ready to host the 2022 European Group of Public Administration (EGPA) Conference at the ISCSP Headquarters in Monsanto, Lisbon.

The event will be an opportunity to uncover trends, share experiences, and brainstorm solutions with focused on the conference theme: “Public Administration for the Sustainable Future of our Societies”. The recent crises have revealed some strengths, but also many weaknesses and even failures, of our governing systems. Having this in mind is time to pave the way for actions that will foster a sustainable future for all our citizens in general, while securing an effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals as adopted by the United Nations.

Over the last year, Portugal has changed the model of education and training in Public Administration, with the aim of strengthening the qualification and capacity building of Public Administration workers. And INA has become (once again) a public institute integrated into the Portuguese State indirect administration, with its legal personality, endowed with administrative, financial, and patrimonial autonomy. This reconfiguration gave us the duty and an added responsibility in promoting the cultural, scientific, social, and technological development of the surrounding community, taking a stand and formulating proposals, promoting innovative activities and focusing on the training of people able to think and to question the signs of the current times, on the valorisation of knowledge through strategic projects that must be rooted in a network as versatile as this one. The EGPA annual conference will be the perfect forum to allow all of us to keep in touch with the theory and best practice trends in public administration sciences, as well encountering initiatives to share our views or to boost research projects.

Lisbon, our centenary city is more than ready to host any type of event. As Local Organizers, we can confirm that Lisbon is an internationally recognized site for events ranging from cultural to sports, from academic to corporate. Lisbon offers a wide range of options concerning venues – private or public – and all of them are ready and willing to be the host of an international conference. For leisure moments Lisbon also offers an impressive range of historical monuments and sites, “secret” breath-taking viewpoints in the city seven hills, multi-cultural programmes from theatre to open-air concerts or simply coffee esplanades, thrilling sportive events (sea, land, or air!) and naturally our home-made style culinary offer: from wine tasting experiences to the tasty offer of worldwide famous restaurants - with or without Hollywood stars – and those mind-blowing “Pasteis de Belém”.

Hoping to warmly welcome you in Lisbon from 6 to 9 September 2022!


Luísa Neto, PhD

President of Instituto Nacional de Administração (INA), Portugal

Chair of the Local Organizing Committee




Welcome Message

EGPA Conference – Public Administration for the Sustainable Future of our Societies

It is a great honour to welcome the EGPA 2022 Conference "Public Administration for the Sustainable Future of our Societies", held at ISCSP-ULisboa.

ISCSP, the School of Social and Political Sciences of Universidade de Lisboa has a 116-year-old rich history, filled with tradition and innovation. Our school is home to 4500 students, from 44 different countries, and our aim is to provide them with best quality education on Social and Political Sciences.

We have a long tradition of education and research in Public Administration, placing emphasis on international cooperation in the Portuguese-speaking world, but with close attention to global challenges.

ISCSP currently hosts three Research Units, duly recognized by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and a recent international peer-reviewed evaluation process led by the FCT set their current classifications: the Centre for Public Administration and Public Policy (CAPP) and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies (CIEG) that reached the mark of Excellent; and the Orient Institute (IO) that obtained the classification of Good. ISCSP also hosts the Centre for African Studies (CEAF), which is under a restructuring process and will be submitted to FCT’s recognition in a near future. These research units are supported by a set of eighteen research laboratories and observatories.

The Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies (CAPP) is the leading research centre on public policies of Universidade de Lisboa, the largest university in Portugal. CAPP was founded in 2001 to advance knowledge and support decision making regarding the design, implementation, analysis and evaluation of public policies. Its applied research has a focus on improving the quality in governance, which will in turn also bear results to the quality of life of people.

CAPP has consolidated its membership throughout the years to become the research centre with larger critical mass in this scientific area.  As the flagship research centre of the School of Social and Political Sciences of Universidade de Lisboa, most of CAPP members come from this host institution. However, it also attracts leading scholars and practitioners from other universities (national and international), public and private sector organizations. Currently it holds 178 researchers. Visiting scholars from throughout the world strengthen the resident critical mass. To follow its mission, CAPP members are organized in two research groups, namely Power, Public Administration and Public Policies, and Society, Communication and Culture.

ISCSP-ULisboa has been a long-standing associate to the European Group for Public Administration (EGPA).

We look forward to welcoming you to Lisbon next September!  


Ricardo Ramos Pinto

President of ISCSP-ULisboa





Welcome Message

EGPA was the first IIAS entity to resume on-site conferences last year, albeit partially as two third of participants were remote.  It was even one of the first worldwide to do so.  The pioneering drive of EGPA is further confirmed this year with a full-fledge on-site conference in Lisbon, Portugal in partnership with INA and ISCSP.  Furthermore, as the hybrid conference model has taken hold in IIAS, this conference will even surpass previous ones by reaching beyond the expected full capacity crowd that will show up in Lisbon.  At EGPA/IIAS, we rejoice at this renewed vibrancy of the EGPA community. Its resiliency and ability to bounce back from the difficult Covid-19 times is a testimony to the leadership of the EGPA conference and organization in public administration scholarship in Europe.

But the EGPA conference is not only about public administration scholarship; it is furthermore a grand gathering of the PA community in Europe to discuss, beyond the scholarship generated by its permanent study groups, policy issues of the day.  Societal sustainability enabled by public administration will be the focus of intense and rich debates. High profile speakers from Portugal and the rest of Europe will debate their points of view through the plenaries and the parallel panels that form pillars of the conference program along with the parallel sessions of the 23 (22 this year) permanent study groups and the French-speaking seminar.


Aside from the above, the EGPA conference is an opportunity for the governance boards of EGPA to meet.  The steering committee of EGPA holds its second annual meeting on this occasion; the first being during the governance week at IIAS headquarters in Brussels.  EAPAA, the joint venture between EGPA/IIAS and NISPAcee, also holds meetings of its steering committee and accreditation boards during the conference. Many other meetings involving publishers, research groups, etc. are held on this occasion

Please come and join our community to celebrate the new normal!


Sofiane Sahraoui, PhD

IIAS Director General