Conference Venue

Institute of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP) -

Located at the Alto da Ajuda University Campus it’s located in the middle of Monsanto City Park (a unique pine tree wood area) overlooking the Tagus River, a short bus ride away from the city center. It offers to all the accredited Conference Participants access to fully equipped auditoriums, class rooms, meeting rooms and access to the Campus amenities.

ISCSP was founded in 1906 and aims to provide its students with cultural, scientific and technical education in the social and political sciences. In the 1st cycle, a bachelor’s degree is awarded to the students who successfully complete one of 9 degrees: Anthropology; International Relations; Human Resources Management; Media Studies; Political Science; Public Administration; Public Administration and Land Management; Social Work; Sociology. ISCSP has several research centres that actively participate in organizing seminars, debates, workshops and other initiatives that bring the school closer to society.

How to get there

ISCSP address is Rua Almerindo Lessa, Pólo Universitário da Ajuda, 1300-663 Lisboa


From different locations you can use the following CARRIS buses:

  • 723 (Desterro to Algés)
  • 729 (Algés to Bairro Padre Cruz)
  • 760 (Martim Moniz to Cemitério da Ajuda)
  • 742 (B.º Madre Deus (Escola) to Casalinho Ajuda)

Please note that Bus 723 buses (direction to Algés) takes you from city center (Marquês de Pombal) and drops you right in front of ISCSP.

Details on time schedules, routes and ticket prices can be found at .


If you choose to stay in the Cascais area (Cascais, Estoril, Carcavelos, Oeiras) you can use train in the Linha de Cascais (Cascais train line headed to Cais do Sodré) heading to Algés. Once in Algés you can switch to the one of the CARRIS buses (either 723 or 729 at Algés bus station).

Please note that if stay in downtown Lisbon (close to the River and Cais do Sodré area) you can also use the Cascais train line (direction Cascais) and exit at Algés Station and using one of the above mentioned buses (723 or 729).

Details on time schedules, stations and ticket prices can be found at and


You can also use the subway (metro) if your chosen hotel is located close to a subway line (color blue or green):

In a blue subway line you can:

  • Exit at Marquês de Pombal Subway Station and use the CARRIS Bus 723 headed to Algés;
  • Or exit at Pontinha Subway Station and use the CARRIS Bus 729 headed to Algés);

In a green subway line you can:

  • Exit the subway at Martim Moniz and from there proceed to Cemitério da Ajuda using the Carris Bus 760.

Details on time schedules, stations and ticket prices can be found at and