Governance and Public Management
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OA Strategy : As you may be aware, with over 50 papers channeled to our partner journals, the Open Access project is heading in the right direction, gradually gaining visibility within (and outside) the IIAS sphere. For EGPA 2022 Conference, authors can express their interest to participate in the project by sending an e-mail to Marco de la Cruz Sanchez: m.delacruz@iias-iisa.org Yet, on revisiting our processes, we believe we have opportunities to strengthen the visibility of our project. On that note, we would appreciate it if you can socialize the flyer with the authors or mention the initiative within the working groups. Although these are short actions, they can be impactful in the long run. How does the OAP work? Members of the Board of Reviewers will rapidly and accurately assess selected conference papers from IIAS events/ IIAS will channel conference papers of good quality to constitute a special issue/symposium in partnered journals and/or to be included in the regular journals' issues.
IOS "Information Polity is a tangible expression of the increasing awareness that Information and Communication technologies (ICTs) have become of deep significance for all polities as new technology-enabled forms of government, governing and democratic practice are sought or experienced throughout the world. This journal positions itself in these contexts, seeking to be at the forefront of thought leadership and debate about emerging issues, impact, and implications of government and democracy in the information age.
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