INA, I.P. is a Portuguese Public Institute entrusted with the mission of producing, transmitting and disseminating knowledge in the field of Public Administration, through training, teaching, scientific research and technical assistance. Our goal is to contribute to the innovation and modernization of the Public Administration, as well as to the qualification, training and enhancement of its human resources .  Throughout our history, many generations of national (and international) leaders, managers and public workers have enriched their skills and knowledge by attending our training courses and other capacity-building solutions offered by INA, I.P. We work in partnership with Universities and other public administration institutions, as well as with international partners and networks to achieve our mission and goals.

Lisbon will be the perfect – and safe – backdrop for the 2022 EGPA annual conference!

This sunny and ageless city is not only famous for its hospitality and the family-like way it welcomes visitors, but it will keep on surprising you with its summer sights, sounds and flavors.

We are hoping to warmly welcome you!

Local Organizing Committee:

Luísa Neto

Miguel Agrochão

Sofia Crisóstomo

Abel Carreira

Ana Nave

Alfredo França

Alice Santos

Maria de Jesus Rodrigues

Maria Asensio

Patricia Sanches

Vanina Marcelino

Nuno Cabrita

Susana Martins

Zelinda Cardoso